AIP Paleo Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

August 9, 2016 Ben 4 comments

Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

AIP Paleo Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

Here is a special decadent treat for anyone following the paleo diet! This Strawberry 6-Layer Cake is fully paleo friendly, but it’s also great for those who need to follow autoimmune protocol as this cake is AIP friendly. It’s made with NO inflammatory ingredients, and it tastes soooo much better than any cake I’ve ever, paleo or not. This cake is so satisfying and naturally sweet and delicious that it’s hard to contain yourself when you eat it. But you’ll find that this small cake will serve up to 16 pieces, as the pieces are small but oh so satisfying.

Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

It’s gluten-free, dairy free, egg-free, nut-free, artificial sweetener-free, gmo-free, wheat-free, and made will wholesome natural ingredients only! You’ll have to try this to see it for yourself!

Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

A note on the sugars used and the frosting color: Even though this cake uses paleo approved sugars (coconut sugar and honey mainly), if you use the paleo sugars the frosting may not be as pink in color, and may resemble a more brown pink tint, which is why you may choose to elect use of a white cane based sugar.

A note on the palm shortening and the frosting color: palm shortening contains extremely healthy fats extracted from palm trees. Some shortenings include the use of red palm oil, and if your palm shortening includes this red palm oil, it’ll have a yellow tint rather than a white tint, which may throw the color balance of the frosting out of balance as well.

This recipe was found in the He Won’t Know It’s Paleo Cookbook which I highly recommend, especially for those who are AIP. We’ve adapted the recipe in certain areas to improve the cake in our opinion by nutritional content, or by flavor.

We garnished this cake with some chopped strawberries and a strawberry rose! (Instructions found in this video by Cook It Up Paleo)

See below for the recipe for this AIP Paleo Strawberry 6-Layer Cake below!

AIP Paleo Strawberry 6-Layer Cake


Recipe Inspired from He Won’t Know It’s Paleo Cookbook

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4 Comments on “AIP Paleo Strawberry 6-Layer Cake

  1. I am thrilled to try this cake! I’ve been AIP for 14 weeks now and I need cake sooo much..this is perfect because strawberries are low in fructose and it’s all naturally sweetened! I bought and have ready a fabulous package of ripe strawberries, but I am wondering is you can omit the maca root powder since that is the only thing I am lacking. It’s quite expensive on Amazon so do you know of maybe a substitute? I looked it up online and saw people say it tasted nutty and butterscotch-like, so would leaving it out deprive my cake? Thank you! I am so excited to try this!

    1. Yes, you absolutely may omit the maca root powder without too much of a flavor hit at all. It’s included within the recipe mostly to provide an extra push of nutritious properties since it has a wide array of benefits, but you won’t be missing much flavor wise if you do choose to omit the maca powder. 🙂

    1. Yes, to protect the author of the book’s recipe integrity, that is the only option now. However it is a really great book, and I highly recommend it for lots of AIP recipes.

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