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The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is the oldest, most well-known and most comprehensive way of fueling your body. It's actually more than just a diet, it's a lifestyle - similar to being a vegan or vegetarian. most of the time, being on the Paleo diet, means you've changed your eating habits for life. But that's okay! You'll see why in a second.


But first, some history. In the above statement that the Paleo Diet is the oldest, most well known diet to humans is because it dates back to the days of our ancestors. It is the diet of the people in the paleolithic era of time (between 2 million, and 10,000 years ago). This is the time of our ancestors, the cavemen era. Within this period, food was much different as compared to how it is now. The food made today is chalked full of toxic chemicals, starches and simple carbohydrates which provide essentially zero nutritional value to your body. Food within the confines of the paleolithic era however was much more natural. In fact it only consisted of what our ancestors could find on the land they lived - mainly meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.


Everything within the Paleo lifestyle is based off of keeping these foods the absolute and only staples within your diet. luckily there are many great foods you can make with only these few staple foods. See below for some delicious examples of some of the food that can be created with the paleo diet. With almost any food that you're used to, you can make a paleo version of it which tastes just as, or dare I say even more delicious. 

Paleo Panther

About Us

Here at Paleo Panther, a husband and wife team come together to share their experience and their love of the paleo lifestyle. they're committed to providing awesome Paleo-only recipes for free, video instructions,  as well as providing a social connection and blog to help assist in your health and fitness goals and dreams!


Ben is a husband, father, and an airline pilot as well as the creator of Paleo Panther. He discovered during a routine medical exam that his weight of 226lbs caused his blood pressure to become pre-hypertensive related to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. He made the change to the paleo diet, just under a year ago, and his weight is down to 185lbs and no longer has pre-hypertension.


Alyssa is a loving wife and stay-at-home mom with an eye for extreme creativity. She switched to the paleo lifestyle along with her husband as she had gained weight throughout her pregnancy and her sedentary lifestyle. She's lost 20lbs by switching to the paleo diet and found a passion for cooking and blogging.


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